Our teams have worked as long as possible to manage our sample service. To guarantee their safety, it has now been decided to close our sampling department, therefore our online sampling service is no longer available until further notice.You can still consult our website for information purposes, download textures, find a distributor and to order the Paper Book. Thanks for your understanding and stay safe!
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Blanco Nieve

This range of distinctive feltmarked textures and embossed patterns will give a touch of sophistication to premium packaging applications.

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Blanco Nieve
Negro Antracita
115g B1 是的 是的 0
160g B1 是的 0
340g B1 是的 0
  • Blanco Nieve

    115g B1 0 (pack)
  • Negro Antracita

    115g B1 0 (pack)
  • Black

    160g B1 0 (pack)
    340g B1 0 (pack)