• 09/01/2014
  • Paris, France

A+S61 by Arjowiggins Creative Papers - Limited edition book

Arjowiggins_A+S61 (1).jpg

A+S61 by Arjowiggins Creative Papers is a limited edition book, both a working tool and a beautiful object, for arts directors and those brands wishing communicate in a way that is arresting and distinctive.

A is for About and tells the story of our papers.

S61 is for 61 samples and present a selection of our 61 most coveted papers.

Arjowiggins_A+S61 (7).jpg

The story of A+S61 starts in our mills where paper comes to life, where materials take shape, where every sheet develops its own personality, texture and colour.

Arjowiggins_A+S61 (3).jpg

How could we best share the wealth of our papers and reveal their endless possibilities? We decide to do it with simplicity and without frills, to convey the very essence of each paper. In A+S61, the design is understated so that the papers speak for themselves. The text appears like a shadow, de-bossed on the cover stock. The print technology has been kept simple, using unvarnished type printed in Pantone 877 silver to reveal the fine grain of the paper.

Design by Stereochromie (France)
Print by Imprimerie du Marais (France)