Digital Liquid Toner

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HP indigo liquid toner digital presses have the ability to print digitally generated images using liquid electrostatic ink, meaning no plates are necessary.  HP Indigo presses can give excellent, offset-like results on a wide variety of creative papers, provided they have been optimised for the process. Our collection of papers for liquid toner digital printing brings together products from across our ranges of creative paper, and ensures high quality printing thanks to Mohawk’s i-Tone® technology.


  • Do consider HP indigo digital printing for very short runs (on average up to around 1000 copies) thanks to its excellent price-quality ratio.
  • Do take advantage of digital printing to personalise your documents. HP Indigo digital printing can be considered as a complement to offset printing, e.g. to create matching small personalised items.
  • Do specify spot colours too. HP Indigo presses can print a vast majority of Pantone® colours, as well as white ink, clear varnish and digital metallic foils on most recent presses.
  • Do play with coloured and textured papers. Our Digital range of certified substrates includes deep colours such as Pop’Set Extra Black, textured papers such as Rives Dot and Curious Collection Matter, as well as papers with visual effect such as Curious Collection Translucents and Curious Collection Metallics. HP Indigo uses compressible blankets, so even textured papers work well.
  • Do create double sided prints. The printer will have to print the side with lower ink coverage first. HP Indigo ink can be scrapped from the first printed side of the paper in heavy coverage areas while duplex printing, particularly on heavyweight and bulky papers.


  • Don’t limit yourself, but don’t use standard uncoated offset papers. All papers in our Digital range for liquid toner have been optimised with the i-Tone® treatment- a special, proven formulation develop by the American paper manufacturer Mohawk. This treatment ensures consistent, high fidelity print quality, extremely quick drying time and excellent ink adhesion.
  • Don’t be afraid to print photography. HP Indigo presses achieve excellent image reproduction, with sharp and smooth images as well as a uniform ink gloss.
  • Don’t plan to print boards heavier than 300g without checking with your printer – depending on the paper and printing press, the machine might not take heavier papers in. If you wish to obtain a thicker board, you can duplex the printed digital sheets.
  • Don’t use heavy ink coverage on covers, unless they are to be varnished or laminated.  HP Indigo ink is soft and marks easily.
  • Don’t go for HP Indigo prints without a safety test on the specific laser printer when subsequent laser printing is required. HP Indigo ink melts at a relatively low temperature and will melt on many laser printer fuser rolls.
  • Don’t print large areas of flat tints without running a test first, since HP Indigo can suffer from “banding” in these areas.
Design by Jäger & Jäger
Printed by Serafi
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Design by Stereochromie (France)
Print by Colorprint (France) & Advence (France) on HP Indigo
Paper: Mohawk Superfine Eggshell Digital with i-Tone® – Ultrawhite 324gsm / Mohawk Superfine Smooth Digital with i-Tone® – Ultrawhite 118 gsm